Legal Science Series: themes and crisis - E-BOOK 1 Theory and problems


One of the greatest satisfactions that teaching presents us is being able to follow the evolution and academic and professional growth of the students, especially when they acquire the ability to inform and teach us.

On this occasion, I was asked to speak about a work that, full of diverse themes and interests, was developed on the initiative of students, and is now available to all enthusiasts and individuals interested in the most diverse facets of legal knowledge. 

Bringing up different themes in the legal universe, not forgetting their consequent crises, the authors of the following articles will deal with rights and their conflicts from different thematic perspectives. It is noticeable that the professional experience, combined with the knowledge of each author, contributed to the articles representing more than mere scientific products, but texts that can, each one in their specific area of knowledge, collaborate with the construction of national and international legal knowledge.

It is well known that many are the problems faced nowadays. However, there are few answers that present effective solutions to the different dilemmas. This fact can be analyzed from two alternatives: the observer's analysis of reality which may not be assertive or those who interpret it and may not do so effectively. 

In this work, students allow us the opportunity to see reality from distinct perspectives and rethink themes such as principles, their conflicts and applications, and the foundation and controversies of legal norms, from individual views that guide the reading of prominent themes from specific interpretations. Relevant and current situations such as the US political landscape at that time and the necessary effectiveness of compliance programs are also addressed, demonstrating that the political, legal and economic world must be analyzed on the understanding that their consequences will have effects on the social world.

Finally, by connecting theory to cases and practical problems, the authors were able to develop their perceptions on specific problems in a didactic and clear manner, allowing for an objective reading on critical themes of legal science.  

Legal Science Series: themes and crisis - E-BOOK 1 Theory and problems

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    • Titulo: Legal Science Series: themes and crisis - E-BOOK 1 Theory and problems
    • Organizadores: Bárbara Dantas e Rodrigo Cesar Barbosa
    • Autores: André Luís Holanda Gurgel Pereira, Bárbara Dantas, Daniel Granzotto Nunes, Diego de Paula, Gabriela Palhano, Leonardo Palma Malinverni, Luiz Cláudio M. Ribeiro, Pablo Inglêz Sinhori, Rodrigo Cesar Barbosa, Stephano Giacomini Teixeira
    • Editora: Balsamum Editora
    • Ano da Edição: 2019
    • Número de Paginas: 100
    • Formato: E-Book (PDF)
    • ISBN:  ISBN 978-65-80766-01-7
    • Assunto: Ciência Politica e Juridica
    • Idioma: Inglês (EN)