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Honored with the kind invitation to present this interesting and deep book entitled “Brazil and International Legal Systems: Theoretical Studies and Legal Practices”, coordinated by Bárbara Dantas and Reny Baptista Neto, I start this brief words by extolling the authors for the important role they have performed in comparing different aspects of the Brazilian legal systems with others.          


            Another aspect to be mentioned is the wide range of issues that are treated in the book, all of them with great sophistication. From human rights in the European Court to the evolution of social security (welfare state - neoliberalism); from American civil procedure to the use of compliance against corruption; from the separation of powers in a huge country like the USA to the information society and the protection against the abuse of power. Also hard topics such are the basis of other chapters, such as the right to be forgotten, standing in environmental cases in Brazil and America and the different aspects of “inquiry”. As it can be seen by a quick look at the summary and the abstracts, every article faces an important topic and is a result of a great effort - not only because of being written by non-native speakers, but also for that.


            The authors are mostly our former LLM Students. Despite, they are professionals with a large background and experience in each area of work. Lawyers, public prosecuters, judges, professors, this is the rol of these people that have left their comfort zone and decided to look for something else in academic terms, upgrading their careers and themselves personally. I am very glad to present this book especially for that reason. I have had the great privilege to accompany the path of these students in the difficult task of taking credits in Brazil and in the USA, writing papers and a dissertation and finally obtaining, with great gallantry, their Dual Degree by UNIVALI and Delaware Law School.

Brazil and International Legal: Systems Theoretical Studies and Legal Practices

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    • ​​​​​​​Título: Brazil and International Legal Systems Theoretical Studies and Legal Practices
    • Organizadores: Reny Baptista Neto & Bárbara Dantas
    • Autores: Aline Samira Pereira Farhat, Bárbara Dantas, Gabriela Marson Sandri, Guilherme Back Koerich, Juliana Padrão Serra de Araújo, Marcelo Buzaglo Dantas, Marcio Rio Branco Nabuco de Gouvea, Reny Baptista Neto, Tatiana Firmino Damas
    • Editora: Balsamum
    • Ano da edição: 2020
    • Número de páginas: 147
    • Formato: PDF
    • ISBN: 978-65-80766-04-8
    • Assunto: Political philosophy – Constitutional right – Legal Sistem – Power – International law – Brazilian politics
    • Idioma: Inglês
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